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New Horizons School provides a second chance – Nevada Herald
The school, which is located in the former Olive Branch Baptist Church, is designed for classroom style teaching and has a computer lab and library. The building was donated to the New Horizon…

  • The school, which is located in the former Olive Branch Baptist Church, is designed for classroom style teaching and has a computer lab and library
  • Without second chances, few people would be where they are today
  • New Horizons, a Christian boarding school located in a rural setting southeast of Nevada, was founded in 2015 by Christian educator, Ed Apida
  • Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary partially defines a horizon as a: “range of perception or experience or something that might be attained — new horizons.” It is in this sense that NHCS has a vision to help young adults redefine their personal experience, direction and life goals with a distinctive Christian perspective.
  • A key goal in the operating philosophy of NHCS is helping their students factor God into their life plans
  • Parents are often relieved when they finally find a program that works for their young adult
  • “The public school had given up on my son, and my son had given up on the public school
  • Many NHSC students have not done well in traditional educational environments
  • NHSC focuses on developing an individual care plan for each student that takes into account educational goals, social and emotional issues and of course, spiritual development
  • The school itself sits in the rolling plains of Southwest Missouri on a 24-acre farm
  • Academic work is a crucial part of the overall program at New Horizons
  • “Typically our students have had discipline problems in the past — both from an authoritative standpoint and with personal life discipline — which have caused them not to succeed in life to this point,” Apida offered
  • The school has state and federal non-profit status as a religious organization
  • The school is relatively new and is accepting students
  • Operating as a faith-based ministry rather than a business means the school needs the support of the community, businesses and individuals
  • Businesses can offer a scholarship(s) to be used to change the life of a local youth
  • Individuals can also get involved by offering to teach vocational or skill-based programs from cooking to mechanics, or simply volunteer in various ways
  • Church or community organizations can sponsor a volunteer day to help with everything from grounds keeping to building repairs
  • If you have ever been given a second chance, you know how important it is and how much potential it provides to change a life.
  • For more information about the school, or to donate or volunteer contact Ed Apida at 815-252-5182 or email newhorizonschool777@yahoo.com or visit its website at www.newhorizonscs.org.